Cocktails and Cookies with SkillPop!

I have always been a “joiner”. I’m guilty as charged. I have no problem showing up for activities alone, and I’m always down to gain a new skill or test out something exciting and fun. I stumbled upon SkillPop in December, and enrolled in their holiday cocktail class faster than you could say “Hot Toddy”.

SkillpopDrinksTheir goal is to make experiential education available through pop-up classes. They have a TON of variety of classes ranging from art to business to culinary. They are taught by people in your own community, and held at unique venues around the area. All the classes I’ve taken have been at the Mayton Inn, and it’s been a blast to check out the hotel, bars and restaurants they have. IMG_1788

Last night, I checked a box off of my 101 in 1001 list and learned to decorate sugar cookies! The girls from Southern Sugar Bakery were patient, approachable and extremely skilled instructors. I left feeling super confident and full of sugar, my absolutely favorite way to feel.

SkillPop began in Charlotte, and has expanded to offer classes in the Triangle, Greenville and Nashville. Many of y’all have expressed interest in getting involved, so keep an eye on their site (or come visit me!).

Introduction Part Two: The Key Players

In my life, I choose not to rely on my own strength and wisdom to make decisions and kick it from day to day. I do NOT have all the answers, but I pride myself on my ability to meet friends, make connections and surround myself with a team of trusted advisors. I want Flying Pig to feel like a home away from home for y’all, and that includes introducing you to my squad.

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First up, meet Mark. He’s my husband, he’s the Excel to my Pinterest and the Swiffer to my glitter. We got married on June 3rd, 2017, went on a honeymoon to Greece and Italy and moved to Raleigh ONE day later. We are both still coming back to earth and being regularly-whelmed. Expect to hear from him on organization, sports, finance, date nights & local gems.


Secondly, our sweet Dorothy June, named for the month we were married and her sweet little old soul personality. She was rescued from Franklin County, NC the day before she was scheduled to be put down. While she was a total surprise, she was the absolute #1 missing piece in our family. She’ll pipe up now and then about separation anxiety, training suggestions and every day celebrations.

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Next, my Mom and Dad (Betsy and Kit). They are my best friends, and I’d be hard pressed to make it through each day without their inspiration and guidance. My dad has been in the Real Estate industry for over 30 years and he inspires me, gives me tough love and love of the regular sort. Like crazy!

My mom is a HOOT. She is all of 4’11” filled with advice, ideas, and disclaimers about dangerous and terrifying things you should be aware of  in your every day life. She’s crafty, cute, and the queen of manners.

Count on them from time to time to share advice, hostessing tips, business suggestions and mom/dad jokes.

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Meet my team of #1 gals.* They keep me sane through memes, scheduled phone dates, trips to the woods and endless group texts. While this is just a snapshot of a few of the incredible women in my life, they are my core and a great visual into the wisdom I have surrounding me. I’ll interview them about their home searches, job searches, relationship advice and love on them through plenty of crafts and snail mail.

I’m also blessed by an amazing family consisting of perfect in-laws and genius aunts, uncles & cousins. You’ll hear from them when it comes to etiquette, hosting gatherings and many other golden adulthood insights.

No (wo)man is an island, and we need to lean on each other in good, bad and boring times. I love welcoming you right into my virtual living room and can’t wait for you to step inside my inner circle to hear from the people who shape my life.

*Yes, we always laugh this effortlessly

All photos are courtesy of sweet Hope Taylor Photography except the one I took on my iPhone and pitifully edited. 

Welcome, Y’all!

Hi y’all and thanks so much for visiting me here at Flying Pig House & Home. I am a Realtor, newlywed and obsessed dog mother living in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ve wanted to start a blog for years, but for reasons out of my control (extremely easily distracted, dessert, failed diets, vacations, Netflix binges), I’ve never made it far out of the gate.


I’m a big fan of Q&A so hopefully these next few lines will give you some insight into my plans.

First of all, why the name Flying Pig? House & Home? Huh?

Flying pigs have always been a favorite motif of mine. Society knows the cute little fellas with wings as a depiction of the impossible happening. For me, starting a brand new business, finally keeping up with a blog and hopefully helping lots of people along the way feels impossible, and I hope to conquer that. The “house” part pays homage to my career as a Realtor. I will share tips from experts, explanations of crazy difficult concepts, market trends, design inspiration, & more. The “home” part is the most important to me, in that I want this to feel like you’re walking into my apartment, moving some of the papers and Oreo Thins and black labs from the couch, and sitting down with a G&T or cup of coffee. I hope to provide approachable advice without being preach-y, and share what has worked for me in my limited adulting career.

Are you doing this to sell me stuff, Elizabeth?

No, girl (or man). I vow to only share things I love and have tried myself, most likely from Walmart, Ross Dress for Less or Trader Joe’s. Next question.

What kind of things will you be sharing?

I will admit, humbly, that I often have no clue what I am doing. I rely on a team of trusted advisors (you’ll meet some of them tomorrow) and Google to help me navigate this maze called adulthood. I have cracked the code on a couple things, and plan to share routines, articles and self-help tips that I swear by. I will focus heavily on interviews with said trusted advisors so that you and I can learn together (with G&Ts. And the coffee). I will answer any and all questions that come my way about Real Estate or life or dog motherhood or cooking or travel or anything else. I am a self-taught chef and will share recipes, and I am craft-obsessed so you can expect lots of tutorials as well. I am a huge travel and reading nerd, so you can follow along with me on staycations & vacations, and see which books I have my nose in along the way. Lastly, my husband and I are new homeowners, so plan on giving and receiving ideas, before-and-afters and lotssss of Pinterest links.

Anything else?

I promise to honestly and openly give and receive advice in this space. I will not try to advise you on things I have no experience in, and I will give you blanket suggestions just for the sake of writing content. I am ALWAYS open to kind, honest feedback (just ask my husband how great I am at taking feedback), and hope to make this as interesting and as useful as I can.